The simplest way for Hospitality Companies to verify Criminal Records and Identities.

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Benefits for Hospitality

MyImprint was built with the hospitality industry in mind. We aim to make the lives of hospitality professionals simpler and safer through an efficient verification process.

Capture Fingerprints Easily

Easily capture fingerprints at any of our nationwide locations, using your own capture device, or request a mobile capture expert to come to you.

Volume Based Pricing

Looking to get multiple verifications? No problem. Our pricing scales as your Hospitality company grows.

Fast Results

Criminal Verifications can be provided in less than five hours if required, while still maintaining quality control of fingerprints.

Built For The Hospitality Industry

The MyImprint platform can be used by Hospitality Companies, Hotels and Restaurants. Ensure all your employees are background checked and verified. Our online portal offers a simple search functionality for Hospitality Companies to request reports in just a few minutes.

Clients Testimonials

Lisa Blignaut - Business Owner

"We have been so impressed with the reliability and service we’ve received. The continuous verifications are particularly useful, as we are reassured that we will be alerted of any future convictions of current employees."

Shaun McAdam - Recruiter

"MyImprint provides a superior service, making it simple to get candidates screened in a short time frame. There are so many locations to capture fingerprints too, that means no more excuses - everyone should be running background checks."

Robert Franklin - Home Owner

"The process took much quicker than I was expecting. I took my domestic worker to our local Jetline and within minutes her fingerprints were captured. I was able to request a verification that afternoon already. Super simple!"

About MyImprint

We offer South African Hospitality Companies the simplest, smartest way to verify Criminal Records and Identities.

We ensure the highest quality control of all fingerprints captured. We also use biometric technology to ensure True Identity.

Once a fingerprint is captured, you can easily schedule continuous verifications for future dates.

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The MyImprint Verification Process

MyImprint is the simplest, smartest way to verify Criminal Records and Identities. To get started, all you need to do is follow the steps below, and ensure the person who is being verified visits one of our national capture locations to complete the verification.

If you've already requested a verification, and would like to request the results, skip straight to step three.

Capturing fingerprint takes roughly five minutes, and can be done at any of our national locations. MyImprint partners with various retailers to make capturing your fingerprint simple, and easy.

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