About MyImprint

We give companies, and individuals, the ability to verify the past and secure the future.
MyImprint gives every South African business and individual access to our fingerprint database to run Criminal and Identity Verifications. Fingerprints can be captured conveniently through our national capture partner network, using your own reader, or by one of our mobile capture technicians. On request and with consent, our database will then cross-reference each set of fingerprints with SAPS and Home Affairs. Our online portal allows users to request Criminal Record and Identity Verification reports, using only an ID or passport number.

  • Capture Fingerprints Easily
We make capturing fingerprints quick and easy. Have them captured at any of our nationwide locations, using your own capture device, or request a mobile capture expert to come to you.

  • Quick Turnaround Times
Criminal results can be delivered in five hours if required, while still maintaining quality control of fingerprints. We've built our system to deliver verifications faster than ever.
  • Lightning Fast Fingerprint Captures
With a dedicated terminal at each Capture Location, it takes no longer than five minutes to capture fingerprints and register a profile on MyImprint.

  • Smart Technology
We use biometric technology to ensure True Identity verification. We also provide an industry-first digital consent process, no paperwork required.

How It All Fits Together

Register an account to start a verification

The MyImprint Verification Process

MyImprint is the simplest, smartest way to verify Criminal Records and Identities. To get started, all you need to do is follow the steps below, and ensure the person who is being verified visits one of our national capture locations to complete the verification.

If you've already requested a verification, and would like to request the results, skip straight to step three.

Capturing fingerprint takes roughly five minutes, and can be done at any of our national locations. MyImprint partners with various retailers to make capturing your fingerprint simple, and easy.

To view a map of our capture locations, click here.